4 Common Misconceptions About Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an easy and interesting new entry in the free-to-play combat type. You would anticipate this kind of release from a gaming startup for cellular devices. But the side-scrolling strategy title comes from Sony and Valkyrie Entertainment, and it’s available now on the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation Network.

I found the gameplay to be quite enjoyable and replayable, but the slow network response was frustrating. That’s a little shame because Guns Up! — which is not so distinct from the enormously successful Clash of Clans in its appeal — is just the kind of experience that could bridge the tremendous console and mobile game audiences.

The game joins single-player combat against artificial-intelligence attackers, together with asynchronous multiplayer combat where you assault another human player’s base. It’s appealing to hardcore players and potentially to broader audiences as well, and it’s targeted at those who need a rest from the more intense and time consuming offerings on the PS4.

The downloadable release has cartoon-style images in a modern combat setting. When you attack an enemy, you spawn squads of troops from a transport truck, and these troops (rifle infantry, Tommy gunners, grenadiers, or medics) continue from left to right in side-scrolling fashion. They don’t run at Call of Duty speeds. The soldiers bound along in a sort of slow motion across a fairly limited map, with two or three avenues of approach to the enemy. When they make contact, the results are bloody, happening in real time.

If your human opponent has set up defenses correctly, you’ll have a tough time getting through to blow up their headquarters. But if you do blow it up, you win the match. If the enemy ruins your transport truck, however, you lose. For holistic information on hack de clash of clans go to this page now.

Firearms Up! has a fine progression system that’ll keep you playing as you level up. Over time, you can join an alliance, which is another feature borrowed from the likes of Clash of Clans. This enables you to get together with friends and make an effort to control entire regions.