Hip Hop Jewelry – An In Depth Anaylsis On What Works And What Doesn’t

It is time to put your money where your mouth is, and I mean literally. Do you have what it requires to be a rapper? Most people can’t afford to go out and get some gold or diamonds to cover their teeth but if you are a wealthy rapper it’s just what you do. Along with a diamond encrusted pimp cup, you show off how much money you have in the form of precious metals all around you and on you.

So how do these teeth grills function exactly?

Grillz for your mouth include a form so that they can fit your mouth perfectly without falling out. They are an ideal costume idea in case you wish to dress up like lil Wayne for Halloween. You can find additional information on custom gold grillz by visiting this web page. You do not eat with them in because they’re not real teeth and you also do not need to risk chipping them and losing some gold someplace.

Now of course they aren’t all made of real gold, so you can locate some fake ones for around $30 dollars on line. They’re a fantastic thing to have around the house. It is interesting to possess a number of them so that you as well as friends and family can go out as well as have fun using them around town.

They come in other stuff besides merely gold. You can get what are called princess grillz, this means that they are colorful with diamonds or fake diamonds. If you would like to know about more about custom gold grillz, visit this web page. They also have silver and platinum ones as well. And in the event you are in the mood they have vampire fangs also.