How To Make Your Own Cigarettes And Save Money

Making your own cigarettes is a legal inexpensive alternative to paying ridiculously high prices at your local store or ordering cigarettes online. If you smoke a pack a day you can save at least $1,000.00 a year.

Buy Cigarette Tobacco And Accessories:

41wh4oRsDUL._SY300_In many states in the good ole’ USA cigarette prices have soared. Ironically, the very crop, (tobacco) that began to make America the wealthiest nation on the planet 200 years ago is now unaffordable to many smokers. If you are a heavy smoker like myself you can go broke quick.

To avoid these outrageous prices is to either quit, if not too addicted; travel to a nearby state that charges less, or buy cigarettes online. I am an advocate for quitting, but we all know it’s not that easy. Buying cigarettes online is an illegal tax crime in most states.

In New Jersey, where I reside, I know of several cases where the State Government prosecuted smokers who ordered online. These poor souls had to shell out big time dollars in fees and fines with no monthly payment plan allowed..Ouch!

Traveling to nearby states that charge less works only if you are nearby a state like Delaware…of course to make the trip worthwhile plan on bringing lots of cash to stock up before your next journey…if you can afford the time and gasoline for these ventures.

roll-your-own-cigaretteThe best and cheapest alternative is to make your own cigarettes. Many retail drug stores and ma’ and pa’ type candy stores carry cigarette tobacco similar to what’s pictured above. Usually one can buy this small cannister or a larger 1 pound bag. In New Jersey…where regular packaged cigarettes average $65.00/ carton …

Making your own will average you $35.00/Carton. You can even get the $35.00 down in to the high $20’s per carton if you roll your cigarettes with the rolling papers provided free in the tobacco can(these come out as unfiltered…very tasty, but brutal on the lungs); or buy your tobacco in the 1 pound bag…adding tubes(to make filtered king size or 100’s)to be filled with the tobacco.

You will need to buy a tobacco injector machine to fill the tubes. They vary in price from $3.00-$50.00 depending on how sophisticated your needs are. This is a one time purchase, because the machines last for months +.

The whole process of making filtered cigarettes with tobacco, tubes and asimple cheap injector machine is extremely easy. I make a pack of 20 in about 20 minutes. It’s time well spent. ..I always think of the great deal of cash I’m saving while making my daily cigarettes.

One last issue is that many smokers are loyal to their brand. This will cost you big time. Try the variety of tobaccos out there for sale..most are very good tasting and have no extra chemicals or accelerants in them. I adapted to several brands quickly. Top(pictured above is excellent…like Marlboro)..There is Premier, Bugler, American Spirit…to name a few. I’m not in the business of promoting any of these brands…