Strange Facts About Autos

The history of this significant means of transport starts in 1769 when the steam powered cars were devised. Several years after, more especially in 1806 the cars that ran on fuel gas appeared on the market. In the 20th and 21st century the cars that were powered by electricity have been designed to be the next cars that we will all use at some point or another.

The first person which was interested in developing a car was the German engineer Karl Benz. He is viewed as the inventor of the modern car as we understand and use it now. But, the first steam powered car was actually designed back in China in 1672 but it was so small that it could not really hold a passenger and a driver in it.

The early electric car was also too little to hold any human passengers and it was used by its own owner as a way of study. The cars with internal combustion appeared on the market down the road and one reason why was the lack of suitable fuels. In the beginning these cars used a combination of gases in order to function properly. The car industry had an extremely long developing procedure which hasn’t stopped even today. The craze of owning a car reached everyone so people started to invest in these important vehicles.

In our days some folks have developed a passion for the old cars and have started to accumulate them. These vintage cars can be considered part of the car history. If you are looking to learn more about Go Cars Brands visit this page. They can be quite expensive but the passion of possessing such a vintage car may overcome the price.

The cars have been one of the world’s biggest innovations and has brought us many satisfactions. Nevertheless, going further into the 21st century we must push forward the development of the cars so that they become more Eco-Friendly.